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Innovation is crucial to the success of any organisation.

Carpe Design Manufacture

Unlock your business’s untapped potential with fresh concepts and innovation!

Fuel Your Success. Invent. Lead. Thrive.

We can support you with energy, invention, and direction to initiate success. You dominate your market when our combined efforts show your product to be superior…

We inspire, you conquer.

”Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought”

– Albert Einstein

Carpe Diem means seize the day… essentially “Grab the opportunity!”


Seize Innovation, Defy Limitations

If you are trying to find:

A way to lead your market

A new product concept

Design that improves profitability

Replacement of old technology

Updating to new technology

Extending the life of something that is no longer made/available

A measurement system

A practical approach to a challenge (where the solution makes sense to you)

…then you’ve come to the right place!

How we can help

Every situation is unique. Your business, your product and your needs are all special to you and need a bespoke approach.

We have a deep understanding of the technicalities that lie behind the scenes. It is amongst these technicalities that Carpe DM finds the details and concepts that are familiar or more common. From this starting point we begin our process to bring you real progress and solutions.

We understand that you may feel wary, cynical or unsure. A simple phone call gives you the opportunity to find out that we are honest, straight-talking people that you can trust. From there, we can work out if there is a project that is affordable and delivers what you need.

If you want a sneak preview, you can have a look at How It Works, where we explain our process in more detail. A phone call will allow you to explain and explore what is important to you. Your phone call allows us to provide you with a more tailored initial response.

At Carpe, we are not just designers – we are:

  • Visionaries
  • problem solvers
  • boundary-pushers.

With a rich tapestry of talent and a track record that defies convention, Carpe is the go-to partner for all your specialised design needs.

Imagine the Possibilities:

We’re not limited by industry, material, or idea.

If you can dream it, we can design it…. From cutting-edge tech to timeless aesthetics, we bring your vision to life.

Beyond the Ordinary:

Our reputation thrives on doing the impossible. When others say it can’t be done, we say, “Challenge accepted!” We thrive on turning the unconventional into reality.

Diverse Expertise:

Our team spans the creative spectrum, ensuring that every project benefits from a multidisciplinary approach. From frozen peas to fire suits, or nanotech to low-tech, we have it covered.

Global Impact:

Our designs have left an indelible mark across industries and continents. We design beyond the immediate and into the future.

Are you ready to transform your vision into reality? Partner with Carpe, where innovation meets imagination, and where the extraordinary is just the beginning. Your specialist requirements deserve nothing less than the best.

Practical, commercially focused innovation

Over 30 years’ experience has shown how electronic design has evolved from being a centre of technology focus to being the enabler of other processes.

You may think that electronic design is not a relevant solution to your problem/issue however you may be surprised. Most of the time, the “electronic element” needs to work in tandem with some additional actions or science to achieve the desired result.

Carpe offers you a rare depth and breadth of experience in this type of innovation, especially when considered in a commercially acceptable manner.