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Previous Achievements

“There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.”
– Edward de Bono

Inspiration away from the desk

One of the problems with invention is that no one wants you to talk about their product as they want to maintain their confidentiality!

A company came to us with the challenge of measuring current in a wooden pole. Other companies had looked at the problem and failed. Some academics considered that it was unlikely to be a feasible project.

Inspiration occurred that very evening, (a short time after the meeting). We were able to inform the prospective client that a solution was indeed possible, less than 24 hours after the meeting (not always possible in itself!)

On the day of the demonstration of the proof of concept, the client was very happy to pay the previously agreed fee as the prior risk to the client had been minimal. The new technology enabled that client to offer a completely new service to their customers.

Full development followed and the resultant success gave an invincible position, commercial returns and patent protection.

Another company had struggled with a valuable opportunity…

If they could utilize high-speed communication signals over the aging cables originally laid during the Second World War, they would present an extremely appealing proposal to their client. Once more, risks were kept at a minimum, and following a successful proof of concept, subsequent development resulted in a system ready for installation by the end client.

We also tackled another issue for a client who had outdated lead-acid batteries, which offered 110V DC backup power for a critical operation. We successfully integrated these batteries into their contemporary Building Management System, allowing for efficient monitoring.

A different company had boilers that needed remote monitoring… again we were able to provide a service.

Alternatively, it might be that you have a system or process that now needs to link to “big data” or some other modern, expectation-compliant dashboard.

It does not matter what you manufacture; it may be that you produce biscuits, excavate objects, recycle waste products, operate a communication system. Other projects that we have been involved in have covered areas such as these.

No matter what your company does it is likely that we can help.

Almost anything…

Then it’s possible that we can help.

We will quickly assess whether we can help – it saves your time and ours to reach that position as soon as possible.

The above projects are just some that have been worked on and been successful. They are wide ranging and diverse. Your first thought may be that we can’t meet your need or even that you are not sure what you do need exactly. By talking to us we can provide some clarity and open the door to possibilities.