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What we may have considered impossible…

Carpe Design Manufacture

We create solutions through innovation, creativity and engineering to allow your business or product grow and develop

How we can help

Carpe Design Manufacture can help you realise your business’ true potential. By providing true invention and innovation, we take your business to the forefront of your market or industry and give you an unparalleled strength.

Innovation with commercial return

Innovation can often be an over used term which then becomes a meaningless phrase. At Carpe you will find genuine innovation. Innovation is crucial to any business as it allows your business/product to grow and develop and improve.

When you want to lead your market, you break out with new technology. New technology might need electronics. Often it requires more than circuitry… Electronics design is a great and powerful enabler that really has power when it is fully integrated with “real world”.

”Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought”

– Albert Einstein

Innovation can take several forms. We focus on two:

Disruptive innovation
Breakthrough or radical innovation
Your innovation needs are personal to you but can be widely varying. It might be sensor technology with physics or physical chemistry. It might be communications based, or industrial monitoring and control. What happens if it is light based? Does your innovation require motors and/or batteries?

Your guarantee


You receive no nonsense dialogue from the outset, so you can control and understand the process


You control the outcome – your commercial risk is minimised in the face of transformative returns

You keep the Intellectual Property at the end of the creation process

Your company vision

You may know what you need but not how to reach that objective. You may have been told that it is not possible (and that may be true!). Often the “impossible” comment comes about because the problem has been framed in a classic approach.

One young engineer complained that “you can’t measure those signals because they’re too small”. Due the way he was considering the problem, he was right. A change to the basic measurement suddenly meant that the signals were entirely visible, and progress could be made. Often, technical break through is a process of going back to the original question “what are we really trying to do?”

Disruptive or breakthrough technology gives you great commercial value
Impossible may be as much to do with budgets as any technology. The route to break through is only expensive if it involves years of Research and Development. Breakthrough technology generally results in early returns on the investment. Marketing the resultant product is easier since there is an identifiable difference in your offering.

The means to creating acceptability in the budget is to minimise risk and control the (development) process.

Practical, commercially focused innovation

Over 30 years’ experience has shown how electronic design has evolved from being a centre of technology focus to being the enabler of other processes. Most of the time, the “electronic element” needs to work in tandem with some additional behaviour or science to achieve the desired result.

Carpe offers you a rare depth and breadth of experience in this type of innovation, especially when considered in a commercially acceptable manner.

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